Scrutiny 8.3.9

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Scrutiny 8.3.9


Scrutiny 8 is a suite of web optimization tools including link checking, SEO checks, Sitemap generation, page load speed test, html validation. Version 8 is a major update and includes these new features.

  • Cleaner ‘task based’ interface
  • Website monitoring of as many urls as you like with alerts on screen or by email, plus written to a log file
  • Able to scan pdf documents for links
  • Scheduling made easy with a few easy clicks (the old method using iCal will still work)
  • On finish of a scheduled or manual scan, Scrutiny 5 can send an email, save a report, open a file or applescript, ftp the sitemap xml and other actions
  • Opens and scans a list of links in html, plain text format or xml sitemap (automatically detected)
  • Improved page analysis – finds more elements making up a page
  • Scan a site for pages containing specific text

What’s New:

Version 8.3.0:

  • Improvements to saving sitemap xml:
    • Better error handling and reporting
    • When large sitemap is broken into multiple files, these are saved into a new folder at the location that the user chooses
    • Option added to prevent splitting of large XML file (There isn’t a switch in the interface but must be set using the Terminal)
  • Adds built-in error/debug console which can help us give support
  • Canonical url (if pointing to a different page than the page it appears on) has always been collected and shown in the SEO table, now they are also shown (if they point to a different page) as a link instance in the links results tables
  • Testing and reporting image urls within style sheets was listed in release notes for 8.2 but not fully implemented. Now fully working
  • On systems 10.12+, new windows will open as tabs in a single scrutiny window. it’s possible to drag these out if you want a tab to be a separate window, or ‘Merge all windows’ if you want separate windows to be tabs in a single window


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